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Quality, perfection and passion are just a few words to describe Custom Coaches.

Unlike most body shops around today, customer satisfaction comes before anything else here. I Brought my truck to Custom Coaches after having my front end taken out!

During the entire repair process they kept me updated and informed about the work being performed.

With state of the art equipment, years of knowledge and experience all being driven passion.

I would recommend this shop to anyone, and at the same time my vehicles will always be brought to them.

Barrie, Ontario

Chris Rodrigues

Thank-you for all the great service on my 2009 Audi A3.

You were so helpful from the first phone call. The car looks new, and you were so friendly and professional taking care of the paperwork and dealing with the insurance adjuster advocating for us. We will be referring all our friends and family to you when these kind of unfortunate accidents happens. You made a bad situation so much easier for us!

Customer Service seems to be so rare these days, and it was a breath of fresh air to see.

High Park, Toronto, Ontario

Josie Candito

I was so impressed with the job that Custom Coaches did with my car. My car was 2 weeks old, and I was heart broken when I saw the damages to my car.

After a referal from a friend, I brought the car to Custom Coaches to let them asses the damage. The minute I met them, I was reassured and felt confident that they would do an amazing job. They treated me with first class, and guided me on what I needed to do. That was already a big help dealing with the Insurance company.

The worked on my car and completed it in great timing. When I went to see my car completed I was truly amazed, and extremely happy. My car looked better than brand new. It was so amazing, and I was so ecstatic. They do amazing work, and they are so professional to deal with. They even detailed it, and made it look like nothing had ever happened. I truly recommend Custom Coaches for your collision needs. Thanks again for the amazing job guys.

Toronto, Ontario

Nicholas Cece


My nephew Jerry referred Custom Coaches to me quite a few years ago, and I can’t thank him enough for doing so.


Dragan and Darko are as good as it gets: honest, professional, knowledgeable, reliable and posses a high level of integrity with tremendous attention to detail. It’s never a good feeling getting into an accident, but having these guys to call upon when it happens eases the stress. Dragan and Darko have great pride in what they do, and you will sense that as soon as you meet them. Over the years I have referred to them  friends, colleagues, family and I am honoured to call them my friends.  


Thanks for all the support


Joe Quintal – Broker Royal LePage Supreme


Toronto, Canada

Natalia & Joe Quintal

“I needed some work done on my new Bentley GT. I chose Customer Coaches because of their reliable name and the well-known professional quality.  I have been extremely happy with overall experience, detail and care in which they do business. The repair and body work was first class and the extra attention to detail made all the difference. They are on the next level when it comes to Custom Body work. I was very happy with how convenient and hassle free the whole experience was.  Dragan and Darko are very savvy in their trade and provided me great professional customer service. Custom Coaches is team that you can comfortably leave your car with and know that the experts will take care of everything.”


Best Regards

Toronto, Canada

Puneet Sharma

I found out about Custom Coaches almost by accident. I was at another repair shop for an estimate for my vehicle which had been rear ended. The owner looked at the car and said “There is another shop close by which deals with high-end vehicles. You should go see them.” That day I met Dragan and it was smooth sailing from there. He is a true professional and treats his customers like family. I was never in doubt that my car was in capable hands.


The estimate he provided was thorough and detailed. He handled all communication and paperwork with the insurance company, and arranged for the rental vehicle to be waiting for me at the shop when I went to drop off the car.

The repairs were completed within the promissed  repair time. The work itself was first-class!  When I picked up my vehicle, I felt as if I was driving it out for the first time from the dealer showroom. It was spotless to perfection. I am a quality assurance professional with decades of experience – my attention to detail is extreme, yet Custom Coaches matched my expectations with ease and went far and above in making me feel cared for.


Thank you Dragan and Custom Coaches team for making my bad accident experience, a wonderful experience!

Mississauga, Ontario

Momchil Nikolov

“I consider myself fortunate to know a body shop as professional and reliable as Custom Coaches. The quality of work that my family got from them was truly the best. Darko and Dragan keep a very high level of workmanship, quality, and customer service. As an example, when my son was in a car accident last year, Darko and Dragan went out of their way to come to the scene and offer their help and support. And this was at 1am! This level of commitment to their customers is something that is unparalleled. I highly recommend your shop to anybody that wants exceptional results and a pleasant experience.

"Thank you guys.”

Toronto, Ontario

Dusko Avramovic


Darko and Dragan at Custom Coaches are the only people I call when it comes to my car. Their professionalism, attention to detail and personability are second to none.


Rue Morgue Magazine, Toronto

Rodrigo Gudino

From my first encounter with Custom Coaches, I knew that I had found the Body Shop every car owner searches for. The passion that you and your brother Darko have for cars was immediatly evident as well as the knowledge, perfectionism and capabilty you both possess.


I was heartbroken when my new car was damaged by the recent hail storm. My only concilation was that I knew the perfect place to bring my car for the repairs.

While I was totally confident that the work would be excellent, I never anticipated that my vehicle would look like it just came out of the Lexus dealer's showroom. The work performed by Custom Coaches was total perfection!  Thank you so much for adding value to my vehicle, and also for restoring the joy I have driving it.


Custom Coaches is the only place to which I would entrust my vehicle. I am so grateful to have been referred to your company. You guys have been inscribed in my telephone directory in permanent ink. It is truly a quality premier automotive company - second to none.

Yours sincerely,

North York, Ontario

Esta Wall

It's nice to know that these days you can still find an automotive shop that will do business fair and straight.

When I had my accident I dreaded the thought of having to find and deal with a Body Shop! But as it turned out, finding Custom Coaches was no problem - I got the best word-of-mouth reference I have ever gotten, and dealing with them was actually a pleasant experience :).

They were open, very helpful and informative, and treated me as if I had a Porsche not a Honda ;)

Thanks guys!

Toronto, Ontario

Mara Ivan

As a rooky car owner, I was pretty clueless about where to go and who to trust in the world of maintenance before visiting the guys at Customs Coaches. After receiving over the top, professional service in only few days, I believe I’ve discovered the highest standard in car service available – and I’m sticking with it!  Dragon and Darko involved me in every step of the process to ensure there were no surprises. They were natural, friendly and completely removed any previous intimidation I felt. They went way above and beyond to be available after-hours, on the weekend and even for last minute drop-ins for adjustments. This dedication tells me that they love and take great pride in their work. I like that.


Thanks guys!

Toronto, Canada

Sarah Power

After witnessing a new driver drive her parents car into my Turbo Opel while backing up and then proceed to try and drive away, I was in shock. A friend even had to help me stop her from leaving. When it came time to claim damages it was a hassle to report the incident, listening to stealerships over quote repairs and actual damage, and then to find a shop that would restore my car back to well cared for original, that was a whole other ballgame.

A friend advised me to visit the Custom Coaches website to set up a quote. Not only was my car well cared for, but they were honest with me and even on top of that saved my insurance company money with a well diagnosed proper quote far below the stealership quotes I had from GM and a few other private shops! And all because they took the time and did it right. I found out these great brothers were also car enthusiasts with great pride in their workmanship, their own rides, and treated their customers like friends or family. They have built a business that harks back to the days of hand built cars and small communities. A time when you’re name was safeguarded and not just some fly by night operation in this big city.

When my Turbo Opel was handed back to me I felt like those select few taking the keys to the first delivery of an Opel Lotus Carlton. After our Land Rover HSE was vandalized and our insurance found a loophole not to pay, I was happy to pay Custom Coaches out of my own pocket as I know the SUV would come back properly fixed and cared for.


I also have some great friends now who love track days too, and you guys know how to throw the best Track day’s For Sure!




Toronto - United Kingdom

Mark Koch

"You just cannot get better service anywhere!"


I was very fortunate in finding Custom Coaches such a trustworthy shop. I was very impressed with their professionalism, efficiency, and all their extra attention to detail to my BMW made all the difference!  Your shop, and you guys are awesome and I will recommend you at every opportunity!"



Toronto, Ontario

Ara Calvo

I was doing research about building the Porsche of my dreams and found out about Custom Coaches 7 years ago online. I went in to the shop to meet Dragan and ended up speaking with him for over two hours about what I wanted to do and how I wanted to build a full Custom Strosek Porsche.  Dragan was very knowledgeable, kind and super nice and treated me like a friend for 20 years. After taking in my car to do the full conversion, I am happy to say I have one of the most beautiful Strosek Porsches that has ever been built. We decided to go with Porsche white and the paint came out absolutely perfect! The body kit was completed to perfection and anyone that sees the car does a double or triple take. Dragan and Darko can be trusted by anyone and they will take care of your car while it is in the shop like it was their own. Since I meet these guys, we have become great friends and now chat on a regular basis.


Thanks guys!

Toronto, Canada

Nick Balkos

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