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What should I do if I am involved in an accident?


If the accident is serious call 9.1.1 first.


If the accident is only minor, No matter how minor, it is wise to eventually report every accident to the Accident reporting Centre within the legal 48hr time period. We offer a 24hr accident line that can dispatch a reputable tow truck company to your location at your request. You should also never be led or intimidated into signing, or agreeing to anything at at your accident scene, either by an "on scene" Tow Truck driver or the Police.


If you and the other driver wish to possibly settle the damage independently, that is also your right and option.

However reporting the accident to the Accident Reporting Centre will not hurt you if either party decides in the future that they would like to go the Insurance route once you have both acquired estimates for the repairs.


Reporting the incident will not be a registered a Claim with your Insurance unless an actual claim is filed by you and a payment has been made for the repairs by your Insurer.


Make sure you get all of the other persons information before you go your separate ways.


24hr Accident / Support Hotline: 416-287-8661


Accident Glove Box Report Card


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