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Our State of the Art Facility

At Custom Coaches we use the most current repair and refinishing technology, providing our clients with quality and service that ensures all work is exactly to factory specifications. We've designed & built a facility that is environmentally friendly by producing less emissions than our competition while still utilizing the finest finishes.


The Newest CATSI  Downdraft Spray Booth reduces spraying and drying times by more than half of typical spray Booths operating in shops today.

This system with Raised Graded floors allows for perfectly computer controlled paint application and air flow control regardless of outside temperatures and conditions.


Emission-reducing spray guns like our HVLP SataJet 4000 greatly reduce VOC's from entering the atmosphere.

Our triple filtration system ensures a flawless finish as well as the cleanest air  for our environment.


Our prep station, Detail Bay, Sealed Paint mixing Booths, Automatic spray gun washers, and World renound Sata fresh air systems, allow our technicians to enjoy the highest quality work environment in the industry - we simply wouldn't have it any other way.



We also take pride in being a Licensed Ministry Structural Inspection Station which in part requires a licensed technician to inspect and measure your vehicles tolerences for perfect frame alignment.

By using the most precise and supported frame alignment bench on the market today, Our Car-O-Liner BenchRak doesnt leave any measuments to the imagination. Custom Coaches provides pre and post repair frame measurments with Car-O-Liner's latest X3 Robotic Measuring System which was the perfect choice for todays vehicles minimal allowable tolerences.


During the collision repair process many tools and machines are needed to bring your vehicle back to how it was prior to your accident. Body files, dollies, and sanders are some of the more basic tools used.


Additionally, more specialized tools such as Uni spotters, Mig Welders, Spot Welders, and Plasma Cutters perform their magic. At Custom Coaches we produce work that meets the highest industry technical standards while utilizing classic techniques that we've acquired through years of mastering our craft.

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